Online sales has started! [Blooming Aroma Series]

Online sales has started!

(Japanese follows) What we offer is “a modern take on the history of Japanese fragrances filled with our distinct aesthetics” through blend of aromatic essential oils.

Thousand two hundred years of Japanese history of fragrance through which Japanese people conveyed their dispositions, evolved into “Kodo (香道)”.

We condensed the aesthetics that guided Japanese aristocracies and samurai in their love of fragrance into our essential oils. Our “Blooming Aroma” series would stimulate your five physical senses and let your inspirations blossom.

Our 100% pure natural Japanese-style essential oils, including “Kuromoji” loved by Sen no Rikyū (千利休), one of the historical master of “Chanoyu” (the Japanese "Way of Tea"), were carefully selected by our aroma therapist who visited local farms throughout Japan based on our policy of “made in Japan”. Our essential oils have fine yet vigorous fragrance extracted through the attentive processing by our craftsperson.

Our essential oils that are crafted with special care to the cycles of nature, also contribute to revitalization of local economy.


私どもが提供しているのは、 アロマのブレンド精油を通じた 「美意識に満ちた香りの歴史の新体験」。 言葉を使わず香りで心意気を伝える日本の香りの歴史1200年、香道として花開く。 宮廷貴族や武将達の愛でた 日本の香りの美意識を凝縮したアロマエッセンス。 使う人の五感とインスピレーションに働きかけ、開花させる、Blooming Aromaシリーズを販売しております。 千利休の愛したクロモジをはじめ、アロマセラピストが現地を視察して厳選した100% Pureな 天然の和精油は、Made in Japanにこだわり。 職人の丁寧な処理により、繊細かつ力強い命を宿した香り。 自然の循環に配慮して作られる精油は、地域産業の再生にも貢献しています。

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