Why you buy our products?


ARC-registered aroma therapist MIKA has selected truly authentic, rich and safe ingredients not only for herself but also for you. Especially, the essential oils improve your skin appearance physically while also helping you to relax. We hope this product line will be a happy, healing experience for you.


* Safety Standards

90% of MIKA’s product lineup consists of organic ingredients: vegetable-based ingredients without chemicals, additives or GMO’s. We only use a safe preservative, which is also used in vegan ice cream. This preservative has also been approved by Ecocert, a European organic certification organization. MIKA carefully hand-selected only the safest ingredients produced in Europe and Asia. MIKA's products have no animal-based ingredients, and thus are reliable for use by vegans.


* High‐quality Standards

MIKA uses rare ingredients such as cold-pressed vegetable oil, containing a lot of rare nutrients, having various effects on the skin.MIKA uses authentic Mimosa essential oil as a base for all of their products. This oil, which is imported from United Kingdom, has a psychological effect that reduces stress and helps you to relax.


ARC認定アロマセラピストのMIKA が使いたいと考え、安全かつ贅沢な素材だけを使用。精油によるお肌への薬理的作用、リラックスへ導く心への作用を重視。自らを癒していくという幸せな体験を生み出したいと作った商品ライン。



商品は9割がたオーガニック原料。ケミカルや添加物不使用、GMOフリーの全て安全な植物由来の原料。 防腐剤は、欧州のオーガニック認証組織エコサートの認証をとった、ビーガンのアイスクリームにも使われるほど安全なもののみを使用。安全な原料を欧州やアジアなどからも取り寄せて、厳選して使っています。




常温絞りで丁寧に作られたオイル、特にお肌に多様な効果をもたらす希少な栄養成分を多く含有した 植物オイルや精油を使用しています。心理面へのリラックス効果が高いとされるミモザ精油を英国より輸入し、ベースとして全ての商品に配合しています。